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December 4, 2006

“No social relationship is more stressful than the encounter with a stranger, an unknown and potentially threatening fellow human being. . . . studies of the galvanic skin response (e.g., McBride et al. 1965) indicate that anxiety increases in subjects, i.e., skin resistance decreases, as they are approached by strangers” (Givens 1978d:351). (David B. Givens)

maybe important… i pulled this quote, references and all, directly from The Center for Non Verbal Studies. It seems the guy that’s responsible for it is the guy who i’m quoting above (D. Givens). he’s a Ph.D so i feel like it’s legit, but, also, it’s an aol members site, so it makes me question how much i should in fact trust the information there. still i think it’s a good starting place for gesture research but i’m going to consult other sources too. i think i will start with this book, Gesture: Visible Action as Utterance by Adam Kendon:



gesture, placement

December 4, 2006

in thinking about the next prototype for glowundies, and after feedback in my fashion tech class from alison lewis, i’m think about gesture and the effect of incorporting that into glow undies.

i’m thinking about how my project has to do with awkwardness, and what i’d like is to use appropriate like/dislike gestures to trigger the appropriate response in the undies, but i want the gesture to be so exaggerated that it is obscenely this a problem? should the awkwardness be a result of the technology? or is it ok that the person is really being awkward? am i contradicting myself???

anyways, here’s a little research, but only a little:

i’ve started reading about different gestures and also asking people how they act around people who they are attracted to, as well as not attracted to. this research will dictate where on the body i will place soft switches which will trigger the appropriate led arrays. i’m going to keep reading and get verify informatin from perhaps more reliable sources, but so i’m highlighting what i found relevant below:

from asking people, i’ve learned that, and can confirm for myself too, that playing with your hands is a nervous behaviour that takes place when you’re around someone who you are attracted to. for some of the females i spoke to, so was playing with their hair.

in doing some preliminary reading on gestures i learned that (one) hand behind head “may be read as a potential sign of uncertainty, conflict, disagreement, frustration, anger, or disliking (i.e., social aversion). It usually reflects negative thoughts, feelings, and moods.”

head tilt to the side toward the shoulder is said to be a love symbol. “it is used extensively by men and women as a flirting or courtship… The head-tilt seemed to be more obvious in male-female greetings…This head [tilt] gesture may convey an attitude of coyness or submissiveness…”

in reading about the “love signals,” i really loved that he said <…these signals go out to announce a. “I am here,” b. “I am female” (or “I am male”), and c. “I mean you no harm–you may approach.”>

maybe my glow undies should speak, or use text that reads just that…”I am here, I am fe/male, I mean you no harm, you may approach”… i find this hilarious…

stuff to read….

September 28, 2006

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