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February 2, 2007


bought POV display kit to make the project inspired by adam and ana’s shaking legs…



December 5, 2006

maxsonar.jpgadam said that the proximity sensor i ordered may not have the range i needed… it was suggested that i get an ultra sonic range finder. i called the the nyu computer store and i was in luck! Five in stock! expensive though. nearly $30… but i bought two. just in case. kept the reciept… what i got is called the MAXSonar-EZ1. Now must talk to becky to figure out how the crap to use it.

also, can i extend the rangefinding with something like conductive fabric? or am i contstrained to that one square inch of the rangefinder?


December 3, 2006

ordered conductive thread from lamé lifesaver.

materials i need NOW…

December 3, 2006

for thesis presentations end of fall semester, this is what i need

this proto is still going to be somewhat clunky, not as finished as something like this yet

shift registers (got from rafa)
leds (superbright – red? how many? order from
american apparel – tshirts and shorts and undies – maybe hanes cheapies first?
electronic thread (lamé lifesaver)
basic stamp (got it)
velcro (got it)

i put together the recording module!

November 11, 2006

hooray! i bought a kit and soldered it and hacked it to work with the pulley switch i got from gutting jessie (woody’s girlfriend)!


it was really hard to find these dolls with the pulley string but finally found them at toys r’ us, and these were the only ones they had. i guess they are weening this sort of technology out.. but it’s so great…


i ordered the recording module kit from


dot matrices wheeee!

October 22, 2006

for the next iteration of glowundies, i really need to put the leds into an array so that they light up in the same position instead of all over the place. this way, i can add more graphics in as well.

mike referred this instructable to me so that i can create my own dot matrix display. i may do this.

also adam recommended i just buy prebuilt led arrays online or something. i may do this instead, or as well. im thinking abou this one from jameco but can’t seem to find a datasheet…. also… will this be bright enough to shine through clothing? hmmm….