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February 2, 2007


bought POV display kit to make the project inspired by adam and ana’s shaking legs…



December 7, 2006

lovegety.jpglovegety. this was a device designed for japanese youth to help find love… (in a nutshell). the user would input their mood, then if another lovegety of the opposeite sex was in the same area, it would alert the users. i’m listing this as a precedent as a more serious approach to what i did with glowundies (bluntly declare love or not for a member of the opposite sex). i couldn’t find a specific lovegety web site, just several articles about the gadget from 1998…

other personal space projects

December 7, 2006


Teresa Almeida: Modes for Urban Moods. user inflates the dress when personal space is being invaded. <wmmna>


this is another inflatable dress that deals with personal space. in additon to inflating, it also has spikes on the back. this was created by Diana Eng & Emily Albinski.<wmmna>

I can say that the difference between my personal space project and others that i’m coming across, is that mine will respond based on predetermined factors, as opposed to the user triggering it. although, maybe it’s better that the user trigger it… maybe sometimes you need more space than others? i need to make a prototype that the user triggers though since my proximity sensors are not arriving any time soon, it would seem, and it appears i may have purchased a difficult to use ultrasonic rangefinder..

Bea Camacho: Extensions

December 6, 2006


when i came across Bea Camacho‘s Extensions via wmmna, these crocheted glove/sleeves, i was instantly drawn to them because of the absurd and exaggerated forms they take. although my pieces are meant to be functional, i too am exaggerating something (awkward interactions as a result of functional wearable items); she is physically exaggerating the idea of isolation and separation by making these extensions which don’t extend the functionality of your arms, they actually keep people away, keep interactions from ocurring, and even make it hard to walk, or move, it would seem. i’m listin this a precedent more for form – but they seem more relevent to my personal space belt (the zap version).


December 5, 2006

maxsonar.jpgadam said that the proximity sensor i ordered may not have the range i needed… it was suggested that i get an ultra sonic range finder. i called the the nyu computer store and i was in luck! Five in stock! expensive though. nearly $30… but i bought two. just in case. kept the reciept… what i got is called the MAXSonar-EZ1. Now must talk to becky to figure out how the crap to use it.

also, can i extend the rangefinding with something like conductive fabric? or am i contstrained to that one square inch of the rangefinder?

stranger anxiety….

December 4, 2006

“No social relationship is more stressful than the encounter with a stranger, an unknown and potentially threatening fellow human being. . . . studies of the galvanic skin response (e.g., McBride et al. 1965) indicate that anxiety increases in subjects, i.e., skin resistance decreases, as they are approached by strangers” (Givens 1978d:351). (David B. Givens)

maybe important… i pulled this quote, references and all, directly from The Center for Non Verbal Studies. It seems the guy that’s responsible for it is the guy who i’m quoting above (D. Givens). he’s a Ph.D so i feel like it’s legit, but, also, it’s an aol members site, so it makes me question how much i should in fact trust the information there. still i think it’s a good starting place for gesture research but i’m going to consult other sources too. i think i will start with this book, Gesture: Visible Action as Utterance by Adam Kendon:


gesture, placement

December 4, 2006

in thinking about the next prototype for glowundies, and after feedback in my fashion tech class from alison lewis, i’m think about gesture and the effect of incorporting that into glow undies.

i’m thinking about how my project has to do with awkwardness, and what i’d like is to use appropriate like/dislike gestures to trigger the appropriate response in the undies, but i want the gesture to be so exaggerated that it is obscenely this a problem? should the awkwardness be a result of the technology? or is it ok that the person is really being awkward? am i contradicting myself???

anyways, here’s a little research, but only a little:

i’ve started reading about different gestures and also asking people how they act around people who they are attracted to, as well as not attracted to. this research will dictate where on the body i will place soft switches which will trigger the appropriate led arrays. i’m going to keep reading and get verify informatin from perhaps more reliable sources, but so i’m highlighting what i found relevant below:

from asking people, i’ve learned that, and can confirm for myself too, that playing with your hands is a nervous behaviour that takes place when you’re around someone who you are attracted to. for some of the females i spoke to, so was playing with their hair.

in doing some preliminary reading on gestures i learned that (one) hand behind head “may be read as a potential sign of uncertainty, conflict, disagreement, frustration, anger, or disliking (i.e., social aversion). It usually reflects negative thoughts, feelings, and moods.”

head tilt to the side toward the shoulder is said to be a love symbol. “it is used extensively by men and women as a flirting or courtship… The head-tilt seemed to be more obvious in male-female greetings…This head [tilt] gesture may convey an attitude of coyness or submissiveness…”

in reading about the “love signals,” i really loved that he said <…these signals go out to announce a. “I am here,” b. “I am female” (or “I am male”), and c. “I mean you no harm–you may approach.”>

maybe my glow undies should speak, or use text that reads just that…”I am here, I am fe/male, I mean you no harm, you may approach”… i find this hilarious…


December 3, 2006

ordered conductive thread from lamé lifesaver.

materials i need NOW…

December 3, 2006

for thesis presentations end of fall semester, this is what i need

this proto is still going to be somewhat clunky, not as finished as something like this yet

shift registers (got from rafa)
leds (superbright – red? how many? order from
american apparel – tshirts and shorts and undies – maybe hanes cheapies first?
electronic thread (lamé lifesaver)
basic stamp (got it)
velcro (got it)

i put together the recording module!

November 11, 2006

hooray! i bought a kit and soldered it and hacked it to work with the pulley switch i got from gutting jessie (woody’s girlfriend)!


it was really hard to find these dolls with the pulley string but finally found them at toys r’ us, and these were the only ones they had. i guess they are weening this sort of technology out.. but it’s so great…


i ordered the recording module kit from