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space bands videos

January 31, 2007

The following videos demonstrate how i intend space bands to work once i build a functioning prototype. I showed these at my final presentation and at the Bartlett Interactive Architecture Workshop at Eyebeam. The ‘wonderfun’ Heewon Sohn models space bands. click each image to view the videos.

scenario 1: noise (18 seconds)

scenario 2: zap (13 seconds)


other personal space projects

December 7, 2006


Teresa Almeida: Modes for Urban Moods. user inflates the dress when personal space is being invaded. <wmmna>


this is another inflatable dress that deals with personal space. in additon to inflating, it also has spikes on the back. this was created by Diana Eng & Emily Albinski.<wmmna>

I can say that the difference between my personal space project and others that i’m coming across, is that mine will respond based on predetermined factors, as opposed to the user triggering it. although, maybe it’s better that the user trigger it… maybe sometimes you need more space than others? i need to make a prototype that the user triggers though since my proximity sensors are not arriving any time soon, it would seem, and it appears i may have purchased a difficult to use ultrasonic rangefinder..

form options: personal space

December 6, 2006

so does this personal space contraption need to be worn around the waist? what about wristbands each with an ultrasonic rangefinder in them – then, both giving the wearer control by stretching the arms, but also automatically detecting what’s “too close” and triggering the response. but is that problematic because as you move your arms, other objects may come in the way of the rangefinder and activate it intermittantly, in motion from one position to the next, or something? or even perhaps something you are holding?

no matter how i end up doing it, i should remember to add an on off switch.


December 5, 2006

maxsonar.jpgadam said that the proximity sensor i ordered may not have the range i needed… it was suggested that i get an ultra sonic range finder. i called the the nyu computer store and i was in luck! Five in stock! expensive though. nearly $30… but i bought two. just in case. kept the reciept… what i got is called the MAXSonar-EZ1. Now must talk to becky to figure out how the crap to use it.

also, can i extend the rangefinding with something like conductive fabric? or am i contstrained to that one square inch of the rangefinder?