post-crit feedback

at my first semester final crit, scott paterson made the comment, “what if these are one-off pieces?” because some of the projects seemed highly personal in relation to not only myself, but also in relation to someone else that i knew/know. if then instead of trying to make it work for a lot of people, he said i need to think about how i’m framing it.

so anyways, that made me think about my project in a different way… perhaps i should introduce some sort of a narrative and creating characters based on these real life people. that way when i document it in video, that perfrmance is a one-time thing specific to one person. i’m not a hundred percent sure about the narrative part, but its something i’m thinking about and want to try.

i also got feedback about the design of the things. i’ve been working under the assumption that these things should all look the same, like they are all part of the same suite, or series. scott agreed to an extent, that they should all definitely look like i made them, but i guess he didnt think they all need to look the same same. also, he and jonah (brucker-cohen) made a point tthat that there should be a reason for all my decisions in the design — the color, the fabrics, and so forth.

random off topic thought… maybe the factor thtat ties all the pieces together is the models wearing wigs, crazy blue wigs! hmm. that would be interesting. has nothing to really do with aything, except that wigs change behavior.. its true.. im a different person in my many wigs.. wigs.. i love wigs… i’m getting off topic.


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