second base block bra/chastity bra

in thinking about the personal space belt, whatver form it may take – belt, wristbands, etc, so maybe more accurate to say, in thinking about personal space, but also about glowundies adn love which always make me think to some degree about chastity, and also as i’m in the mindset of ZAPPING what with the other project i’m working on (zapupuncture) i’m thinking about another project but i’m not sure how related it is to my thesis as a whole, its not about awkward behavior – or is it?

is it awkward when the boy(or girl) you’ve started seeing wants to go to second base but you’re not ready for him to be feeling you up? you want them to stop and it’s kind of awkward to have to repeatedly push their hands away, right? hmm maybe this *is* awkward. so, what if you didn’t have to do anything, it would just zap them! it would occur over the bra so the wearer of the bra would receive no zap, the material woul proect them, btu the conductive fabric would zap the fondler. it won’t work over clothing so no worries about bumping into people. i am wondering, though, if the bra material is protecting the girl wearing it, if even though the conductive fabric will be over it, will that prevent the shock from ocurring? i will have to test this out.


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