a little truth

the class liked the idea of the small talk generator having some bits of truth in it. but of the examples i listed (in a previous post in this category) were received as too specific. what exactly i should make the piece *say* remains undecided.

i wasn’t sure if i should make a different version for both males and females, but the everyone else seemed to think i should. there was even a comment made about the two pieces being worn by a guy and a girl and having a “conversation” with each other. having the voice be like some sort of spokesperson/infomercialish tv personality to play up the fakeness came up too, or maybe looking for some sort of computer voice widget.

people started to talk about pulling the string and where you pull it from and i can’t remember why but mike said from your neck, or rather, throat, and i kind of liked that… i might make two casings, one for stomach, and one for the neck and test out both ways and see which is better. wearing it around the neck makes me think of a leash though, and i’m not exactly sure i want to imply that a person is being led, or controlled, by those around them. or maybe they are slightly, their responses anyways. maybe. i’m not sure.


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