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concept (in human(ish)-speak)

November 29, 2006

short version: interactions between strangers are often awkward, even avoided. i am creating a suite of wearable devices which provide new ways for strangers and superficial acquaintances to interact and express their true feelings. these devices exaggerate the awkward behaviour, drawing attention to the fact that these bahaviors are apparent in our everyday lives.

longer: my thesis inquiry concerns interaction between strangers and superficial acquaintances, and the awkwardness these interactions often produce (provoke?). Sometimes interaction is avoided and we just internalize the awkwardness, although it still shows in our body language; other times, the awkward behaviour is a result of the interaction itself – the interaction itself is awkward.

I am creating a suite of wearable devices which address the issue of interaction between strangers and superficial acquaintances. These devices use technology embedded in garments to facilitate interaction by providing solutions to the problem of NOT interacting, as well as providing new ways to interact. By using technology, responsibility for the (inter)actions is shifted from the user to the garment and the (inter)action is meant to become more unconscious, and second nature, in the same way that we express ourselves with body language.

furthermore, these devices exaggerate the awkward behaviour which results by highlighting and drawing more attention to it, and making the behavior and interactions even more awkward.


the chatter

November 15, 2006

what should i record into the small talk generator? maybe i should send out a survey…

because the recording module i put together doesn’t let me erase single messages, i think i will have to record it somewhere else first, then play it back to record onto chip when i’m ready.

and do i want to make one for male and one for female? and will it say different things?

small talks:
hi how are you good
hey how’s it going?
how’s it goin? (emphasis on the “in”)
how are you
what’s up?
what’s up.
haha! (enthusiastic and with a painful smile…)
yea i know
that’s crazy
me too
yea that sucks
uh huh
no way!
oh that’s cool
ha ha that’s funny
nice to meet you
yea i know!
it’s cold outside
it’s hot outside
did you have a nice holiday?
i’m so tired
that’s fun
oh YEA?! ha!

i dont wnat to use the following bc theyr’e too specific, but they would work too:
what’s your major?
what’s your thesis about?
how’s thesis?

truths – buts said in that same small talk voice:
i want to kill myself
my life sucks
we’re all going to die
my entire body aches
i don’t even want to talk to you
i’m getting sued
i have herpes
i’m an orphan and sometimes that makes me sad
i will never find love
i want to scream
i find you highly irritating
my underwear is not comfortable
i resent your happiness
i’m jealous of you
i don’t think you deserve the things you have

i put together the recording module!

November 11, 2006

hooray! i bought a kit and soldered it and hacked it to work with the pulley switch i got from gutting jessie (woody’s girlfriend)!


it was really hard to find these dolls with the pulley string but finally found them at toys r’ us, and these were the only ones they had. i guess they are weening this sort of technology out.. but it’s so great…


i ordered the recording module kit from


glowundies symbols

November 4, 2006

i’m thinking about keeping the symbols simple and not complicating with sexual preference graphics. so, a yes:heart and no:circle-with-slash. if i was to use the graphics i wanted to use and showed earlier in the semester, well, i think that would take up a lot more surface area. way more leds required. what if i just used a triangle graphic to represent homosexuality and and a triangle with a slash to represent straight? it seems silly hmm. is it cliché? also the little graphics i made earlier were cute i thought..

anyways here are some graphic reprentations of how the leds would be lit up…

no.png heart2.png

woman2.png man2.png

rainbow2.png triangle.png

glow_star.png glow_circle.png