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dot matrices wheeee!

October 22, 2006

for the next iteration of glowundies, i really need to put the leds into an array so that they light up in the same position instead of all over the place. this way, i can add more graphics in as well.

mike referred this instructable to me so that i can create my own dot matrix display. i may do this.

also adam recommended i just buy prebuilt led arrays online or something. i may do this instead, or as well. im thinking abou this one from jameco but can’t seem to find a datasheet…. also… will this be bright enough to shine through clothing? hmmm….


design for wearability

October 11, 2006

mmm. sexy, no?

design for wearability is research conduced by iDstudio (at? part of? and?) Carnegie Mellon in regards where things can and should be placed on the body for maximum comfort and minimum interference with normal activities; basic form of objects being placed on the body filled with technology is discussed too.

glowundies proto 1!

October 6, 2006

Photo 62.jpg

glowundies are LED-infused undergarmets which indicate to a desirous specimen that they (desirous specimen) are stirring arousal in them (sporter of glowundies) – or not. No more ambiguous and frustrating anticapatory game-playing, glowundies are tool for communicating bluntly and tactlessly whether or not you are the object of another’s desire. red glowing genitals in the shape of a heart give the green light for love, anything else and you’re outta luck.

IMG_0877.JPGheewon is the vanna of glowundies

for this, prototype, there are two LED displays: heart (“yes” to love), or, circle with slashie (“no”) placed in different areas of the undies. a more advanced prototype will have at least five different graphics communicating more specific expressions, embedded in an LED array so that they are in the same position. The prospective graphics are described at the end of this post.


this prototype uses corrugated plastic and lighting gels to diffuse the light (white super bright leds). slightly clunky, but does the job for now.


in this version, two normally closed magnetic switches turn the images in the underwear on and off with a bracelet worn discretely on the wrist. later on, the switches will get more discrete, as well as the battery.


the hardware of this prototype is contained in a velcro-closure front pouch, and the two normally closed magnetic switches and 9-volt battery are velcroed onto the band of the underwear. the velcro makes the entire circuitry and hardware removable so the undies are washable. i embraced the clunkiness of the buttons and battery by skinning them with tinfoil, giving the garment a futuristic feel. i may or may not keep the futuristic feel in further prototypes.


1. ‘heart’ : can be used as both a question “let’s give love a chance?” or an answer “yes, i’ll give love a chance with you.”

2. ‘circle with slash’ : answer: “no.”

3. ‘girl and boy holding hands’ : answer in response to a female proposition to a female, “i like boys.” OR answer in response to a male proposition to a male: “i like girls.”

4. ‘girl and girl holding hands’ : answer in response to male proposition to a female: “i like girls.”

5. ‘boy and boy holding hands’ : answer in response to female proposition to a female: “i like boys.”


more process photos can be found here at my flickr page. Also, the info on this post is also mirrored (more or less) at the fashion tech blog where i made the glowundies up to this point.